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Categorical Ontology of Ultra-complex systems,automata vs. quantum automata and organisms, Categorical Ontology and the Theory of Levels, Relational Biology Principles, What is Life ? and Life's multiple Logics, LM- and Q- Logic, organismic categories, supercategories and relational patterns, Abelian vs. non-Abelian theories, commutativity restrictions in Logic, Mathematics, Physics and Emergent - Dynamic Systems Theory, Lukasiewicz-Moisil Logic algebras of genetic networks and interactomes,Homo sapiens sapiens, the emergence of hominins and hominoides,cognitive science, mental representations and intentionality, logicians and philosophers: Brentano, Harman, Dennett, Field and Fodor' s philosophy of the human mind, Higher Dimensional Algebra (HDA) of the higher-meta-level brain functions, Higher Homotopy-General van Kampen Theorems (HHvKT) in modern Algebraic Topology and Non-Abelian Algebraic Topology (NAAT), non-commutativity of diagrams and non-Abelian theories, Non-Abelian Categorical Ontology, non-commutative topological invariants of complex dynamic state spaces, Natural Transformations in Molecular and Relational Biology, molecular class variables (MCV's, mcv's), the Primordial MR-system Origin of Life on Earth, Archea unicellular organisms, Organismal Evolution--the origins of species' biogroupoid representations, local-to-global procedures models of Organismal Evolution, biogroupoids, variable groupoids, variable categories, variable topology and atlas structures, irreversibility and open systems in Molecular and Statistical Biology/Biostatistics, selective boundaries vs. horizons, super-complex and ultra-complex systems, meta-levels of reality in human consciousness and human society, Global and Local aspects of Biological Evolution, colimits of variable biogroupoids, chains and compositions of local procedures (COLPs) in the Evolution and Co-Evolution of biological and Human species, What is Human Consciousness and Synaesthesia ?, Human Consciousness and its underlying brain dynamics as non-Abelian ultra-complex processes, Emergence of Human Consciousness through Societal Co-Evolution, social interactions 1
Categorical ontology and the theory of levels,formal foundation and relational structure of categorical ontology and emergent complexity theories,ontological essence and universal properties of items, Mathematical categories, groupoids, locally Lie groupoids,groupoid atlas, stacks, fibred categories,Relational Biology Principles, Higher -Homotopy General van Kampen Theorems (HHvKT) and Non-Abelian Algebraic Topology (NAAT) , noncommutativity of diagrams and non-Abelian theories, Non-Abelian Categorical Ontology , noncommutative topological invariants of complex dynamic state spaces, Natural transformations in molecular and relational biology,molecular class variables (mcv) , Natural transformations and the Yoneda-Grothendieck Lemma/construction , variable groupoids, variable categories, Variable Topology and atlas structures, Biomolecular classes and Metabolic-Repair (M-R)-systems 1
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